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Asparagus Fern

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This elegant little indoor plant is native to South Africa, where it grows in soft clumps in steamy forests. It lives in the partial shade of larger trees, stretching out its fine leaves. In the wild it will flower in the spring with little bell-shaped blooms that give way to small green berries. 

It’s not warm enough to grow it outside in the UK, but it makes a beautiful houseplant. Because it’s used to growing beneath other trees, it’s accustomed to anything from partial shade to bright, indirect light. It likes moist air that echoes its forest home, so regular misting is a good idea. It also loves a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

As it’s not keen on being touched very much, it’s a really good plant for a shelf, where it won’t be bothered. Its beauty is best enjoyed from a comfortable distance.

Despite the name, the asparagus fern is not actually a true fern. It was just given the name because it looks very...ferny.

This can be enjoyed displayed in a decorative pot, in its plastic nursery pot or made up into a mossed Kokedama, as pictured. Just select at checkout.

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Plant care

Your plant's pot should have holes in the bottom so it is able to drain water easily.

If reusing a pot that had other plants in it, it is recommended you wash the pot, killing any mould or bacteria.

Do not over water your plant as the roots will rot.

Most plants need to be kept by a good source of natural light.

You should fertilise your plant every two months. You can use all purpose fertiliser.

Any dead or fallen leaves should be removed to prevent bacteria and mould. Dead branches should also be removed.


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