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Wall Mountable StagHorn Fern

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Wall mountable StagHorn Fern.  With the roots wrapped in moss and attached to a wooden base board in a natural wooden crate.   

Staghorn ferns are easy to grow. In general, they like bright patio light but not direct sunlight. They grow well as house plants. Water them thoroughly with a hose and then let them dry out. They don't like to be sopping wet or bone dry for extended periods of time. So enjoy an occasional light misting. Adjust the amount of watering for hotter, colder, and drier climactic conditions. Put the plants in doors when temperatures go down below 40°F.

Light:Moderate to bright. 

Water:Thorough, moist, with short dry out period.  Occasional water misting.

Temp:Moderate, between 40 and 100 degrees. 

Fertilizer: diluted (half strength) liquid fish fertilizer once or twice a month. make sure the plants are well watered before using fertilizer.



Flower care

Clean your vase to prevent bacteria.

Fill 2/3 of vase with water.

Remove any leaves under water to prevent bacteria.

Cut 2-3cm off each stem every few days.

Change water when it becomes discoloured and top it up when needed.

Keep flowers away from draughts, direct sunlight and ripening fruit.

Remove wilting flowers to prevent from mould (Botrytis).


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