I Will Remember You   12/01/2012

Article written by: Stephen

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Having a flower shop during the winter months can be a pretty bleak affair. After the joys of Christmas and the busyness it brings you are left with quieter times. Mornings when it is so dark you just can't get out of bed and a working environment that is cold enough for Sir Attenborough's famous polar bears to feel quite at home.

The saddest part though is, naturally, with it comes more funerals. And the toughest bit of this is as time goes on, you really get to know your customers - they become friends - and suddenly a loss becomes that little bit more personal.

Now for those thinking of wearing louboutin dames schoenen on New Year's Eve, Victoria Beckham is the perfect heels heroine. Rarely seen without her signature wardrobe staples, even sporting custom-made six-inch Christian Louboutin Dames Schoenen to the royal wedding whilst six months pregnant.

But how glorious is my job, when you get to play such an important role in giving somebody the best send off you can imagine. Because the saying goodbye is just as important as the saying hello, the saying I love you or the saying I do. It's the last thing you get to do for a loved one, so do it well. Do it with pride and do it with love.

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