2 Go To Belgravia   10/06/2011

Article written by: Stephen

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Every job we do is special in it's own way but sometimes, just sometimes it's extra exciting! Case in point was a wedding we got to do a few weeks ago at Mossimann's in Belgravia - you know, the guy who did the food for THAT wedding in April...

We don't get out of suburbia as much as we'd like, so to head up to the big smoke on a mini-adventure to the 'nicer part of town' was an absolute joy. After weeks of planning with the most delightful, layed back and trusting bride I have ever had the pleasure to meet, James and I headed off to London armed with a bootful of late summer delights and enough twigs to thatch a roof.

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Cut glass cake stands held huge domes of roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and scabious (to name a few ingredients) for the tables, billowing delphiniums, viburnum and more hydrangeas adorned the fireplace and the piece de resistance: James's wonderland-like pillar dressed with wild branches and trailing ivy stood proudly in the centre of the ceremony room, complete with it's summer garden border and dangling test tubes of buds and blossoms like twinkling fairy lights on a christmas tree.

And as for the rather dashing all male choir rehearsing and serenading us in the background while we beavered away, well, I could certainly get used to that! 

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