My Best FriendĀ“s Wedding   28/09/2011

Article written by: Stephen

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Way back when, on a cold day in December 2009, one very nice guy asked one very lovely lady a pretty big question. What came next, other than a resounding yes (now when I say he's a very nice guy....) changed an already darned good friendship into something just that little bit more special.

Playing a part in someone's big day, especially when you have a job like mine, is a pretty nice way to earn a living. But when it's your friend getting married things are different. You get to help choose the bridesmaids dresses and the cake, you get to help hand pick the table decoration, you get to sit in on make-up trials, you get to individually plump a million and one paper pom poms with the bridesmaids and you get to write the table plan less than 12 hours before the church organ cranks up and the Wedding March kicks in...

And suddenly, after months of planning, there she was. Floating down the aisle like some dream sequence from a Hollywood movie and that realisation that it was all worth it.

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So in homage to Emma - the most wonderful bride to have ever graced an aisle, and to Mike - the most charming husband a gay best friend could ask for: this one's for you. Thanks for letting me share that extra big slice of wedding pie - I loved every minute of it.

Photos courtesy of the fabulous (except the one in the church, that little gem is one of mine!)

Extra special thanks to my glamorous floral assistants Lisa and 'im indoors....

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